Feisou Has Developed A New Product To Bring People A Surprising Shampoo Experience

April 17 10:18 2019

With the pursuit of natural care, feisou has always maintained a reverence for nature. The spirit of craftsman is reflected in all aspects of feisou products, which has many natural components.

Feisou Has Developed A New Product To Bring People A Surprising Shampoo Experience

Hair care is a topic worth studying. What kind of hair is healthy? What kind of hair is damaged? As a part of human body, hair deserves to be valued. Hair is a barrier that protects the scalp from the attack from a harsh environment.

Healthy hair usually meets the following criteria:

1. Clean and tidy hair without dirt or dandruff;

2. The hair is bright, shiny, elastic and can be made into various hairstyles;

3. The hair is smooth and easy to comb, without split, breakage or kink;

4. No obvious hair loss and uniform hair density;

5. Hair grows faster without serious hair loss;

6. Strong resistance to external physical, chemical and other harmful factors.

Which of these criteria does your hair meet?

Next, let’s take a look at the characteristics of damaged hair: being withered, dim, dry or fragile with hair loss or split hair ends, the hair has dandruff or kinks. How many of these characteristics has your hair unfortunately been hit? And why is it damaged?

Hair consists of protein fibers. If you work in the sun for a long time, ultraviolet rays would directly penetrate into the depth of your hair and decrease the melanin in it, thus the hair would lose its former luster. Moisturizing factors in hair would also decrease, and your hair would become dry, inelastic, brittle and get static. So in order to keep your hair healthy, you should try to avoid exposing your hair to the sun for a long time.

Feisou Has Developed A New Product To Bring People A Surprising Shampoo Experience 

We always neglect many small details in our daily life.

Many people rub their hair excessively with a towel after a shampoo. However, it tends to make the hair fragile. The best way is to wrap the hair in a towel for 10-15 minutes, and leave the hair to dry naturally after most of the moisture is absorbed by the towel. Using hair dryer is also easy to cause damage to hair. Although it can dry hair quickly, the high temperature will burn our hair and make it brittle. Therefore, we suggest that people use hair dryer less.

 Frequent perming and dyeing can cause great damage to hair. Many people regret it after the first dyeing, because their hair becomes withered, unruly and fragile after several months. Residues of hair dyes can destroy the keratin of hair, thereby destroying hair scales. What’s worse, frequent perming can easily cause hair loss.

feisou is a brand specializing in shampoo production, and has launched corresponding shampoo products for various hair problems: orange flavored shampoo for unruly, dry and split hair; lemon flavored shampoo for the balance of water and oil; ginger flavored shampoo for strengthening hair roots and promoting hair growth; mint flavored shampoo for antidandruff and sterilization. And two hair conditioners contain michelia alba flower oil and lavender oil respectively. The brand idea of feisou is to restore the healthy state of hair in a natural and mild way.

Feisou Has Developed A New Product To Bring People A Surprising Shampoo Experience

Without adding essence and thickener (sodium chloride), its texture is thin and not greasy. feisou, bring you a surprising shampoo experience.

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