April 17 16:12 2019

Best Selling Author, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Medium Lia Dunlap
The Destiny Delivered Dream Retreat is a luxurious mastermind business retreat for women of color who are willing to rise up, dream bigger and do the deep work that it takes to plan and act upon their destiny. The retreat will be held at a luxurious beach front property in Malibu, California from October 10th to the 14th of 2019.

By Zoey Thompson

Malibu, CA – Lia Dunlap wants to invite women of color to take advantage of her Destiny Delivered Dream Retreat and begin taking those necessary, positive steps to achieve their dreams and life vision. She believes that within every woman is a spark of creativity that can be set to their passions and goals in order to deliver on the promise of their life. She wants to help women develop a plan to find their purpose and execute the necessary steps and community of support to fulfill it. The 5-Day retreat was designed to unlock potential, invite innovation, and empower action. 

“This retreat is about upleveling sisterhood,” she says. “We’re not just empowering individuals but creating community and support networks for fulfilling dreams. It’s one thing to tell people to ‘dream bigger’, but without actionable steps and a support network, people will veer from the path of their destiny. Destiny Delivered Dream Retreat is delivering on the promise—not just doling out promises.”

Dunlap and her team promise that this retreat is not a week-long sales pitch for other services but a complete package for success. Women will be doing the hard work that it takes to create actionable strategies while also enjoying the beauty of Malibu. A mix of “big dreams and big fun”, Destiny Delivered Dream Retreat is a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy visionary support while gaining the tactical tools to be successful. The retreat is perfect for business owners, executives, or those who want to start a new life and career. 

“We’re here to motivate our boss ladies and help them to stretch their goals and their talents into something phenomenal,” she says. “It’s not enough for most of us to have money in our bank account. We want to make an impact in our communities and leave a mark. Destiny Delivered Dream Retreat isn’t about the mundane but the exceptional.”

In order to develop the necessary bonds with other women to create an intimate support system and to provide one-on-one training, the number of slots for the retreat has been limited. Dunlap wants the retreat to create the type of safe atmosphere that will enable all of the participants to expose their concerns and receive feedback that can help them change their lives. There will be 15 sessions in total and even spa time to help women relax, recharge, and prepare for their journey.

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