Mini Bowling Set with Free Falling Pins Available for Home and Commercial Use

April 17 16:45 2019

The patent pending PK2 fully automatic pin-setter from Ball Bowler Mini Bowling offers the most exciting times right at home for kid and adults alike. The exclusive gaming product is manufactured and installed for both residential and commercial use, and offers features not available elsewhere.

What makes the mini bowling lane a great entertainment for families, entertainment centers, senior living communities, recreational businesses, homes or rehabilitation centers?

The lane of the mini bowling game occupy only one third of the space that a full-sized bowling lane does (only 35 feet needed vs 100 feet). The machines are designed to be very low maintenance, and the pins are NOT on bothersome strings that tangle during game play! Pins are FREE-FALLING, just like a regular full-sized bowling lane. The lanes are raised 15 inches above the floor to make bowling EASY – that means less strain on the back and knees from bending over!

The game features small bowling balls weighing just over two pounds for knocking down mini pins – no more trying to find a heavy ball to fit fingers and thumbs. No bowling shoes required either! Player scores are automatically displayed on a large, easy to read monitor. It’s another way to keep patrons active, entertained and social within an establishment. Lastly, it’s great FUN for everyone!

Imagine having these lanes available for adult and youth bowling leagues, special work events or just friendly group competition among friends and family. Just another form of entertainment that you can offer your customers… not to mention increased revenue for your businesses as well! Also, it’s a very nice addition to a residential game room!” says Phil Kaiser of Ball Bowler Mini Bowling LLC.

On the measurement front, each pin is half the size of full size pins and stands 7 1/2″ tall. The pins can be bought as single or in packs of ten. The product ships with mini lane with a heavy duty aluminum extrusion frame, automatic scoring, and the PK2 fully automatic, mini-pinsetter. Installation is available for both home and commercial use.

Family, friends or patrons – our mini bowling lane is designed to make everyone come alive with the timeless appeal of the game no matter what the occasion.

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