Thinkingout(Loud) Changing The Online Social Game Like Never Before

May 17 18:12 2019
“ThinkingOut(Loud) takes considerable responsibility to solve one of the most widespread and dangerous challenges in relation to the posts made, and what it should mean in terms of the legitimacy and authenticity of their viewpoints by anonymous reviews and real-time information.”

Hayward, CA – ThinkingOut(Loud)’s the conceptual proposition that manifests as a mobile application acts as an all-rounder location-based app for people to gain information in real time, be anonymous, and leave out all the worries and stress that the filtered life on social media presents.

In terms of working at its core strengths, any user needs to remember that the working ides for ‘pins’ across areas and locations certainly have a great deal of advantages. For one, the ‘pins’ posted shall last in terms of public visibility through the app for only 24 hours, and in that time, the user may get all the necessary commonalities in terms of responses from other users, such as like, comment, share, repost, etc. All of the parties involved across the major activities upon the app shall remain completely anonymous, eliminating any chance of the perceived dynamics and expectations that usually occur across similar social platforms.

ThinkingOut(Loud) works in a way by which posting, or getting oneself involved in location-specific ‘pins’ will lead to the effective accumulation of points. These points are greatly effective by the way of actually determining what the username of anyone might be. The app is especially helpful for such reviewers that want to express their opinions, but do not want their reviews linked to their online personalities. All expectations and confirmations regarding different viewpoints are effectively eliminated in ThinkingOut (Loud) with complete and free broadcasting of views and opinions being effectively cultivated in no small measures.

For further information and first-person experience, you could download the ThinkingOut(Loud) app on your personalized mobile smartphone, and experience freedom through anonymity under the positive circumstances imaginable. 


ThinkingOut(Loud) is a social platform that encompasses public opinions and reviews for getting posted in a completely anonymous and real-time fashion. It aims at minimizing the specific community and specificity evaluation of the reviewers to give everyone a chance to be ‘real’ upon the internet as much as they actually want to be. Through this app, the reviews posted in conjunction with various locations, places, and events shall remain temporary, and all those who interact through these posts would remain completely anonymous under all circumstances.

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