Pet Memorial Art Featuring Crystallization and Imaging Processes That Blend Science And Human Imagination

May 17 18:44 2019
“The best way to remember a lost pet, Pet Memory Art uses crystallization and imaging processes to memorialize your pets on beautiful canvas pieces that inspire a journey of the mind’s imagination through the chemical essence of cremated remains.”

Featuring one-of-a-kind art for your pet, through which images are created from the extracted chemical composition of cremated ashes, Pet Memorial Art uses unique crystallization and imaging processes to memorialize through canvas art that captures the chemical essence of remains.

Through its unique service, get an image created from the extracted chemical composition of “Veterinary Authenticated Ash” through a process that generates a microscopic crystal structure the size of a pinhead from the chemical essence of a pet’s remains. The image is digitally captured under polarization through light microscopy techniques and thus emerges as an exclusive art image.

With over 20 years of experience in crystal imaging, each piece is beautifully and professionally crafted into an unbelievable work of art.

“When I saw the first ash picture one year ago, I cried because I could see her in the picture,” remarked Ludwig Eckl when thinking of a lost pet. “That made me decide to open the ash business for pet lovers.”

Each piece plays an important role in the grieving process, helping those who have lost beloved pets cope with such a loss through the arts. It helps one memorialize and express grief and brings a pet’s memory into everyday life.

The process is simple. Place an order to receive a collect bottle to fill with 50 percent ash from your pets remains. When done, simply mail the bottle via regular U.S. postal service mail in the enclosed envelope with added postage. In the laboratory, experienced technicians prepare the sample using a special chemical process that extracts the molecular level chemistry from the ash before centrifuging the concentrate to purify the essential chemicals and allowing it to vaporize on a glass plate. During vaporization, a microscopic crystal grows and a special light polarizing microscope is then used to digitally image the crystal formations. Once such crystallization images are captures, they are beautifully transferred onto a printed canvas that captures and inspires a journey of the mind’s imagination.

All canvases measure 13” x 19” and the retail for an introductory offer of $499. For sample pictures or the order your kit today, visit Unleased Visions online.

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