Creative Biolabs Releases Three Professional IVD Development Services

May 27 18:42 2019

New York, May 27 As a pioneer in the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) field, Creative Biolabs focuses on providing quality and innovative antibodies for IVD use to meet the laboratory research and even further serve the clinical market. Now, Creative Biolabs releases three different IVD development services including polyclonal antibody development, antibody pairs development, recombinant antibody development, aiming to satisfy each clients’ specific needs.

1 Polyclonal antibody development

Polyclonal antibodies can be used in the in vitro assays in many different formats from sophisticated flow cytometry (FCM) to simple enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). To support a tentative clinical diagnosis, evaluate disease progression and provide prognostic information, Creative Biolabs offers an enormous variety of antibody development services for different hosts, including rabbit polyclonal antibodies, goat polyclonal antibodies, chicken polyclonal antibodies, and so on.

2 Antibody pairs development

Constructed by two different antibodies generated against different epitopes or binding regions with the same target, antibody pairs property allows the simultaneous binding to the same target against two different epitopes. In order to avoid the time-consuming stage of antibody pair identification in sandwich ELISA, Creative Biolabs has developed the standard bead-based method for antibody pairs screening, which can be divided into antibodies selection, antibodies conjugation with beads, data collection and analysis. Abundant matched antibody pairs are available to free up clients’ time in searching and testing the appropriate capture and detection antibodies.

3 Recombinant antibody development

Compared with classical antibodies, recombinant antibodies are characterized by rapid tissue penetration, ease of engineering and manufacture, broader biodistribution, and rapid clearance from blood. In Creative Biolabs, the antibody type can be changed by controlling the DNA sequence by the exclusive phage, ribosome, and yeast display platforms. Meanwhile, two antibody affinity maturation methods, untargeted mutagenesis, and oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis, are provided for the construction of defined or random sub-libraries to introduce a large number of mutants of the original antibody. What’s more, scientists in Creative Biolabs can even re-engineer the antibodies into virtually any format to meet our clients’ special needs.

Creative Biolabs also designs multiple service packages that can fit perfectly into various customer’s requirements. Both protein A affinity purified polyclonal antibody service and antigen purified polyclonal antibody development service are offered with the support of our antibody validation platform. More information can be reached at



Creative Biolabs is one of the few companies who can offer integrated drug discovery services for clients all over the world. Talented and well-trained scientists are working closely with each other to realize the goal of our customers. To discover and develop the qualified medicines of tomorrow, scientists in Creative Biolabs are concentrating on every important aspect of the industry, especially for the drug discovery pipeline. Services range from target identification and validation, hit identification, hit to lead, lead optimization to the investigational new drug (IND), and are subdivided into numerous details. Creative Biolabs is able to undertake the entire discovery pipeline and also pleased to offer specific service based on clients’ requirements.


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