Doting Mum Duo Launches Next-Gen Uber-like Global Babysitting App on Kickstarter

May 27 18:57 2019
Village Kids app is designed to help parents find credible babysitters instantly, based on ratings and reviews. Currently working in the Zurich area, Switzerland, the app is set to expand globally.

Parents who need to find reliable babysitters on short notice can finally heave a sigh of relief. Two Zurich based mums, Tessa & Laura-Ann, are soon to introduce a futuristic “Uber-like” babysitting app on Kickstarter. Titled “Village Kids App,” the app aims to connect trusted babysitters with parents, no matter your location.

The Kickstarter campaign is geared to raise around $25,000.

Village Kids is designed to help parents to find efficient and credible babysitters in just minutes with a few taps on their smartphones. The app enables one to hire babysitters on both short-term & long-term basis. Both parents and babysitters using the app will have to create their profiles on the app.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ – African proverb

“As a new mum in a foreign country, I had this proverb often in my mind.  The proverb basically means that it takes an entire community of different people interacting with children for them to experience and grow in a safe environment.  After I had my first child, I often felt that gap of not having my village around me, and around my family… and it was tough.  A key goal of village kids is to help create that community, in ‘villages’ all over the world.  In this day and age, more of us live away from our immediate family / our ‘village,’ we are traveling more, wanting more control over our agenda and time, and more connected via technology than ever before.  The village kids app is a combination of all of those variables, and my 15 years experience in the recruitment industry.  I know how important the first impression is, how technology can be utilized to develop trust, and I know how to best leverage that into an app to bring the best sitter talent to parents all over the world” stated Tessa, a mom of 2 and the founder of Village Kids app.  

“A lot of love and thought has poured into the app as it stands today, and with the additional backing from the Kickstarter campaign, we can get this to the next level.  I truly believe this can become a platform many of us can contribute to and benefit from in so many positive ways,” she added.

Parents will have to post job requirements based on which babysitters will apply. The app will show parents qualified sitters on the map as well as their availability, location, and rate. All babysitter profiles come with ratings, reviews, and social media integration so that parents can make an informed choice while hiring. Babysitters too will know about parents posting job requirements from family profiles on the app. From hiring to payment processing – everything can be done via the app only. 

The first version of Village Kids has already been launched, and Tessa and Laura-Ann are now looking forward to launching an advanced version.

“Unlike regular babysitter apps, Village Kids offers an Uber-like experience by connecting parents with trusted babysitters fast and fuss-free. And while most apps only focus on a local market, we want to broaden our horizon to help parents & babysitters all across the world. Moreover, we wish to incorporate further advancements on our existing app to scale user experience to the next level. We are geared to bring a true state-of-the-art app with edgy features like video interviewing, social media integration, enhanced payment process, and other additional fixes. This will call for robust financial backing – thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to make childcare easier and safer for parents all over the world,” said Laura-Ann. 

“We have a clear vision of where we can take this app, and an extensive roadmap is built out already. Let’s see if the community agrees with the power of this platform so we can get the next steps in motion,” she added.

The iOS version of the app has already been released, and the Android version will be ready in the coming few months.

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