New Kickstarter campaign introduces revolutionary “bristle-safe” grill brush

May 27 19:03 2019
MaggBrush is a next-gen grill brush with an ultra-safe patented design that enables it to suck out all leftover bristles that stay on the BBQ after cleaning so that users can enjoy safe bristle-free grilled gourmet.

Finally some good news amidst alarming reports of people getting hospitalized for swallowing food with grill brush bristles during BBQ season. Frank DiBona, has recently launched a breakthrough grill brush on Kickstarter which will keep your steak safe from bristles. Titled “MaggBrush,” the revolutionary product is an “ULTRA-SAFE” grill brush that will ensure no single bristle is left after cleaning your BBQ grill.

The campaign is geared to raise around $10,000 by mid-May, 2019.

“Increasing reports of people getting hospitalized for swallowing brush bristles in their food were certainly alarming. Those scary reports of conventional grill brushes left me pondering that every time I would be firing up my grill, I would be putting my family’s health at serious risk. Regular grill brushes are good at cleaning our grills, but these tend to leave bristles. This way, when you grill your steaks, these leftover bristles inside the oven get stuck to your food. Some patients even require surgery. And as a dad, I could not take that horrifying feeling any longer. I knew there has to be some safer & simpler alternative to our regular grill brush. And thus, MaggBrush was born,” stated Frank S.

So, what makes Frank’s brush different and safer than the conventional brushes? Well, the credit goes to its unique patented design. Apart from keeping your grill oven squeaking clean, the brush is intelligently designed to ensure extra protection by preventing leftover of sharp bristles on grill grates. The star of the MaggBrush is its pull strength magnet which is strategically equipped to clean up all loose bristles which fall on grill gates after cleaning. This way, the revolutionary brush eliminates any risk of leftover bristles getting stuck to the food and the further risk of getting hospitalized by swallowing them.

We are now looking for mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to make our BBQ sessions safer and more enjoyable than ever.”

It’s as simple as 1-2-3 to use the MaggBrush:

  • Brush off grill gates with MaggBrush
  • Inspect grill for leftover bristles and run the magnet over grill tip to suck out leftover bristles
  • And your road to safe grilled food is clear

Backers will be rewarded with the revolutionary MaggBrush at discounted rates. Pledges reaching $200 and above will be honored with Ultimate Grilling Package that houses 4 MaggBrushes, grill cookbook, MaggBrush rub, and MaggBrush t-shirt.

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