An exclusive interview with Xiao Ya, the founder of BDW Exchange: Become the major force of industrial growth Preface

July 16 06:04 2019

In the past, technological industries such as finance were usually considered the battlefield of men. However, we are seeing more and more female entrepreneurs are growing to become the backbone of the finance and technology industry, for example, Hu Weiwei, the founder of Mobike, Dong Mingzhu, the president of Gree Group, and Sandberg, the COO of Facebook are examples of great female leaders.

It is the same as the digital currency industry. One of the most renowned figures in the industry is He Yi, the joint founder of Binance. With gorgeous look and aggressive personality, she is hailed as the queen of the digital currency world. Whenever Binance ran into trouble, He Yi will always come to its rescue. That’s why she also gets the nickname “Binance’s chief customer service”. Binance can never establish itself as a top exchanger without He Yi.

However, even top exchangers like Binance are going through a tough time now, as they have hit the bottleneck period in development and have slim prospects for growth, which are worsened by the challenges of late-comers. Exchangers like MXC, Biki, BitMax and BDW are expected to pose challenges to old-fashioned trading agencies.

Today we have with us Miss Xiao Ya, the founder of BDW, one of the newly emerging exchangers. Besides, she is a post-90s. Let’s see how she created a trading company and developed it.

1Hi, Miss Xiao Ya. We learned that you created BDW and the company has made great achievements, but we do not know much about your previous experiences. Can you briefly introduce yourself for us?

Xiao Ya: Thank you for giving me the chance to be your interviewee. I am the founder and CEO of BDW. I attributed my achievements mainly to my family and my learning experiences.

After graduating from the Economy Department of Zhejiang University, I studied in Britain on state scholarship. It was in Britain that I learned world leading concepts and the cases of the most outstanding business leaders.

After graduating from Britain, I went home to help my parents run their clothing business. They are very supportive to me, and they trust me. They let me try my hands on new things. So when I was at school, I got plenty of chances for practice. I worked really hard, and my business was booming.

2、What made you decide to move from the clothing industry to blockchain industry and start BDW? There is a huge gap here.

Xiao Ya: Actually that’s what most people think, including my parents. As they say, “different trades are separated as by mountains”.It does make sense.

The main reason why I decided to shift to blockchain was that I did not hold high expectations for the future of clothes sales. The verticalisation trend of sales channels will gradually deprive the distributors of their room for survival. In the future, the factories will sell their products to customers directly. This is a trend that can not be swerved by operation, just like it will be more and more difficult for department stores to survive. Although this will not happen within a blink of the eye, we must be prepared.

I have been a former economics major, so I am sensitive towards economy and finance. Blockchain is a technology with limitless technology. Besides, due to the financial features of digital currency, it will attract many investments and blockchain technology will surely develop at a faster rate than other advanced technologies. Besides, I made friends with many outstanding business leaders at university and they all had faith in the future of blockchain. That’s another reason why I entered the industry.

Actually, whichever field you are in, clothes sales or block chain, you can all make money. Personally, I don’t want to get stuck with a few clothes stores as one of the ordinary practitioners in a decaying industry. Apart from financial wealth, I also seek to be a leader or innovator in a new industry. That is part of my intention of creating the digital currency trading company.

3What’s your positioning for BDW in the industry?

Xiao Ya: BDW is a trustworthy and empowering trading platform. Supported with abundant industrial experience, it provides one-stop services for users and partners, enabling digital assets to flow safely and efficiently on the platform.

As the backbone of the industry, we must shoulder the responsibility of promoting healthy industrial growth. I hope BDW can play an active role in boosting industrial growth, leading the industry to develop healthily and protecting our safety.

Although the digital currency market is still in the primitive phase of development where services are not standardized and legal supervision is lacking, I believe it is heading towards standardization and legal supervision will gradually show its force. BDW is willing to take the leading role in that process.

4As an outperformer in the new market, what are the advantages of BDW?

Xiao Ya: In my opinion, BDW’s advantage lies in that it combines the features of a centralized exchange house and decentralized exchange house.

First, we provide protection for transactions: By incorporating technology with risk control and offering speedy transactions, we protect our users’ assets from depreciating due to human factors; we also create a good environment for fresh hands by providing complete and neutral market information which protects them from making risky investments and transactions.

Second, we provide a fair trading environment: we create an environment for fair trading where each transaction of digital currency can be made with a fast rate and a great degree of transparency. We deliver messages of the market to the traders in time. We will never falsify data or feed our clients with misleading information, thus making sure that the information we offer is precise.

Third, we have the support of an active user group: as an empowering ecological system, we gather a large number of block chain lovers who participate as super nodes. This will greatly increase the activeness and trading volume of BDW.

5Does BDW have any special method in selecting currency?

Xiao Ya: We make a profit through commissions and fees generated by withdrawing deposit. But we should be clear of our positioning. The exchanger is a bridge connecting the user and the digital currency market. Only by offering a good currency selection system can we attract more users and investments. This is a benign circle. If we give up users’ financial security for profits, we will be seeking our own downfall.

BDW aims to build a permanent and benign eco-system for the digital currency industry. We select financially promising, active and implementable currencies based on the unique standard of the digital currency market. We provide platforms for online transaction for investors, satisfy their needs and protect them from garbage currencies.

6、Ever since the birth of digital currency market, security has always been a huge concern. How does BDW guarantee the security of financial assets?

Xiao Ya: BDW will always places users’ financial asset security on the first place, including the security of digital assets and user information. Most of BDW’s technicians come from technological giants such as IBM and Microsoft. Relying on the rich experience they have accumulated in the field, they created the state-of-art anti-DDOS attack system. Besides, BDW adopts multiple wallets, offline wallets and safety designs such as layered architecture. It also separates cold and hot wallets and monitors wallet status at all time.

We are aware that financial security has always been a huge concern of users. So we have strengthened efforts in upgrading our safety technology. On the users’ side, through KYC and data analysis, we manage to track down each transaction; while on the side of system security, we have cooperated with many top safety protection companies to defend ourselves against Hacker attacks, protect user security in all aspects and prevent users from financial losses.

7The development and strength of a trading platform is directly related to its own currency, what about BDW’s own platform currency?

Xiao Ya: Yes, based on ERC-20, we released our own currency BDW. It is a token of interests in the BDW platform. It plays a leading role in connecting our platform to the industry. Therefore, it is closely connected with the image of our company.

We bind BDW currency with various interests and equities of the BDW platform. Owners of BDW currency are entitled to privileges such as the right of asset appreciation, sharing the profits of the platform, monitoring and voting. By engaging the users in the management of the platform, we allow them to share the fruits of our development. Besides, we have also taken some measures to steadily increase BDW’s value.

8Apart from transactions, what else does BDW offer for the users?

Xiao Ya: We do have some special products and tricks aimed to satisfy different user needs.

Quantization of transactions: Generally high-frequency quantitative transactions serve for big funds and organizations, but after 2 years’ research, we manage to launch a quantitative policy that will make transactions easier for common users.

Loans: We also launched loaning business for some radical investors. Investors can borrow money from our platform to make investments, and they only need to pay a small sum of interests.

We also released games such as red packet rain, red packet for registration or invitation competition.

Besides, I can tip you off. In Q3 of 2019, we will release some financial derivative products.

9Do you have any comments to make on the industry?

The slight boom in this half year does not mean the coming of the bull market. The bursting of bubbles is a depressing period that almost all great technologies have to go through, including block chain. Only when the industry has made it through the coldness of winter can it embrace a re-birth in real sense.

We can see that Libra and the Central Bank are both releasing their own digital currencies, which indicates that block chain and digital currency is gradually gaining the recognition of mainstream society. In the future, digital currency will be an indispensable part of the financial market.

As a participant and innovator of the industry, BDW will stick to its original intentions and devote itself to promoting the growth of the industry.

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