Low-Cost COVID-19 Immunity Tracking Available from Ergonomics International

May 26 08:34 2020
Low-Cost COVID-19 Immunity Tracking Available from Ergonomics International

Ergonomics International responds to the new COVID-19 challenges with an Employer Management System (EMS) for abatement strategies. The SaaS solution provides employers with necessary tools to identify at-risk employees, track those with COVID-19 immunity, and recognize potential carriers. Mark Heidebrecht and Sam Bradbury, partners of Ergonomics International, hosted a presentation introducing employers to EMS.

Employers need to protect themselves and their employees against COVID-19. Businesses, schools, and municipalities can now monitor trends, hotspots in the facility, build exposure plans, and simply keep excellent records of monitoring and mitigating COVID-19 issues in real-time. The affordable system can be purchased here.

Bradbury said, “Do not let your company or facility become a national headline. Implement data driven software immediately to make evidence-based decisions. Government mandates for COVID-19 abatement strategies require immediate action by employers to protect themselves and their employees. Documentation and data are critical and will distinguish companies which survive and those that do not.”

Ergonomics International’s mobile compatible SaaS solution provides employers with necessary tools to:

  • identify at-risk employees
  • track those with COVID-19 immunity
  • and recognize potential carriers.

Employees log their temperature at home on the EMS mobile compatible software before exposing coworkers to the deadly virus. The system includes important  COVID-19 awareness training and company instructions.  

Employers and employees log social distancing and PPE (personal protection equipment) concerns at the workstation. Once logged responsible parties will be triggered via email to immediately assess and resolve the issue.

QR codes are used to track doors and other high touch points ensuring surfaces are clean. This also provides required documentation that safe work practices have been followed in the event of a local outbreak. 

When a vaccine becomes available, the software can be used to identify who has immunity and areas in the facility most vulnerable. 

For more information call (913) 488-3127.

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