Piedmont Dent Repair Offers Quality Mobile Dent Repair Services in Charlotte, NC

January 22 14:45 2021
Piedmont Dent Repair Offers Quality Mobile Dent Repair Services in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC Piedmont Dent Repair in Charlotte, NC is a mobile dent repair company that offers customers paintless and mobile dent repair services. The company goes anywhere the customer needs them to. Whether it is the customers’ house, their place of work, or a parking lot, the company will go there and provide Paintless Dent Repair services. 

Piedmont Dent Repair has been serving customers in Charlotte for over 20 years. Their services are available throughout Mecklenburg County and the surrounding areas. They serve multiple cities and localities in both North and South Carolina. Aside from mobile dent removal, the company also provides hail damage repair and paintless dent removal services.

The team of experts at Piedmont Dent Repair know that vehicles can get dents, scratches, and dings at any time. They understand that multiple factors like animals, weather conditions, and accidents can lead to these problems. 

While most people will look at dents as a mere cosmetic problem with their vehicle, Piedmont Dent Repair’s experts don’t consider them as mere cosmetic problems. They understand that many times these dents can cause extensive internal and operative issues in the vehicle. If ignored, they can grow over time and become expensive and time-consuming to fix. Not only do these issues cause internal problems, but they can also bring down the value of the car. Hence, the company recommends fixing these dents as soon as they are spotted. The experienced team at Piedmont Dent Repair makes the whole dent repair process smooth for their customers. They go to the customers’ location to repair the dents and ensure customers don’t have to travel anywhere. Not only will they go wherever the customer needs them to, but their team of dent repair specialists will take care of the damage so well that it won’t pop or sink in after a period of time. The company’s service is so good that they even offer a limited warranty on damaged panel repairs.

The company’s Mobile Dent Repair process is unique and gets customized to an individual vehicle and its damage. The company does not blindly use Bondo or paint to fix the mobile dents in the car. The company’s experienced team will thoroughly evaluate the damage and provide an estimate over the phone. They will use special tools to access the damage from behind the dented panel. Once the repair is completed, the team will examine the dented area and the whole car to ensure there are no other problems. This extensive process of identifying the damage and fixing it from the root itself will ensure that the dent does not resurface again. It also enables customers to get repairs done at affordable rates.

Piedmont Dent Repair is located at 1215 Thomas Combs Drive #303-A, Charlotte, NC 28262. For service or inquiries, contact their team by calling (704) 477-0995. For additional information regarding the mobile dent repair services and to view before and after pictures of the cars they have worked on, visit the company’s website.

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