The GreenBudGuru Team Helps Growers Find Best Grow Lights

January 10 14:02 2018
Specialized lights help marijuana growers get the best results

JANUARY 10, 2018 – Marijuana growers who want the best results from their efforts depend on the efficiency and effectiveness of their lights, and they can now find the best lights at GreenBudGuru.

The website has been created by a team of weed growing experts who are sharing their insight with others. By offering information on plant grow lights, GreenBudGuru is helping growers nurture the healthiest buds possible.

On the website’s homepage, visitors can learn how to choose an ideal light for growing weed. Considerations such as color, light intensity, type of light, and more are outlined. Then, visitors can take a look at reviews on leading brands such as Swiftrans, Roleadro, Shengsite, EyeHortilux, and MUWOOD.

The GreenBudGuru team has also published a series of articles designed to help weed growers get the answers to some of their most pressing questions. For instance, articles such as “What Light Do You Use to Grow Weed”, “How Far Should LED Grow Lights be from Plants?”, and “Different Types of Grow Lights” offer in-depth information on how to use grow lights.

GreenBudGuru will continue to update their website with articles and reviews on the latest grow lights. More information can be found at

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GreenBudGuru helps weed growers find the best plant grow lights by way of an informative series of unbiased reviews and articles.

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